Ignorant, rude and toxic people
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Kaush ❀ koko | she/her | Jan 13 | isfj | blue luvrr
K-pop, k-dramas and k-variety shows
G-dragon ☆ bigbang, Jackson ☆ got7, d.o ☆ exo, baekho ☆ nu'est, n ☆ vixx, wonho ☆ monsta x
Ultimate groups
Bigbang, got7, 2ne1, mamamoo
Do not engage with me if you are a hater or assume things about me. I'm quiet and soft except for when it comes to kings, bigbang. Pms are always open for you to rant or if you want to be besties, feel free to block me if you're pressed lmao. (I don't have anything that triggers me, so you can talk about anyone and I'll be fine as long as you're not rude about them)

tysm for visiting my carrd ! Hope you have a great day and take care <3